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Outreach Opportunities (2017)
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Outreach Opportunities (2017)
Prison Ministries:
Tanya and Charlie Petit have been working with prision ministries for a number of years! They share their love of Jesus with those incarcerated every week. On Tuesdays they reach out to those who are fathers, leading out in a faith-based bible study, and on Thursdays they meet with men who are interested in learning about the bible. A mentoring ministry has recently been added, too! Inspirational poetry and close-knit communication systems are provide for those seeking peace and support. For more information, contact Tanya and Charlie at 401-397-4514, or email: anewstartne@gmail.com

Homeless Ministries:
In 2015, statisitics showed us that more than 2,000 of Rhode Island's children, families, and domestic violence victims were homeless and in need. We continue to supply clothes to the Providence Rescue Mission and also to the homless population being released from prision. The donations of our church members allows for us to reach the children of inmates and help care for many families in need. Please consider donating today! 

Jesus Has My Back: Backpacks! 
We reach out to those who are released from prison, only to find themselves homeless and in need. The "Jesus Has My Back: Backpacks" provides women with neccessities and resources. For fundraising information, please contact Tanya at 401-397-4514 or email: anewstartne@gmail.com

Shepherd's Food Pantry:
Claire Entwistle works with several volunteers to reach out the local community! Operating for more than 20 years, Shepherd's Food Pantry currently serves 30-35 families each month! Funding is based solely on donations, and volunteers from the community are essential to keep this ministry going! On the last Tuesday of the month, from 5-6:30pm, those in need may come to the church and receive a variety of canned goods, boxed items, frozen meats, clothing, and more! All are welcome! For more information, contact Claire at 401-678-0035

Health Ministries:
Alexandria Quigley and Rita Ducharme are working together to begin a seasonal cooking class, kicking off in February 2017. Each season will feature a different themed vegetarian health message. This Winter's theme will be "Soups, Stews, and Breads"! Be sure to check back soon for more information regarding dates, times, and volunteer opportunities. For contact information, please contact Rita at: ritag719@gmail.com

Each Christmas our church raises money to support local families and members who need help finacially. These funds go towards educational gifts and clothing neccessities for the children. For donations and volunteer opportunities, please contact Katherine at 508-596-0342, or email: bergstrom.kathie@gmail.com

Card Ministry:
We appreciate and celebrate each one of our members by recognizing their anniversaries, birthdays, and more through our card ministry. Be sure to send your families contact information and special dates to Katherine at 508-596-0342, or email: bergstrom.kathie@gmail.com

Jacob's Well:
Our church has many members whom have been blessed with musical gifts and talents! Seasonally our church members come together with other bands and churchs to worship Jesus through song. Jacob's Well is a wonderful evening of upbeat music and touching testimonies. We invite all to join us, and to come hungry! Our church members supply delicious baked goods for sale, along with soda beverages, popcorn, and pizza! Be sure to check back soon for our next Jacob's Well date and time! 

ICC: International Children's Care:
It has been a joy and a blessing to reach out to those internationally! Our church has come to aid a wonderful young boy named Jr. Antonio whom is located at an orphanage in Guatamala. Jr. Antonio is studying at a SDA school, and is learning more about the love of Jesus every day! For more information on ICC, please visit their website at: http://www.forhiskids.org/about.php and for sponsorship/donations, please contact Claire at 401-678-0035

Weekly Prayer Circle & Bible Study:
Each week, the members of our church come together to learn more about the ministry of Jesus and to study the Bible. Our bible study is held every Wednesday evening at 6pm, located at the Burrillville church and is open to anyone! We invite you to join us! Prayer circle is a growing network at our church and the next date/time will be announced shortly. For more information, we invite you to call the Burrillville SDA Church, or stop by on Wednesday evenings (bible study) or Saturday mornings (Sabbath). 

Missionary Service Abroad:
Several members of our church have recently traveled to support those in need. Missionary needs continue to grow! Our members would be happy to answer any questions, provide resources, and join along on future mission trips!